When Does a Juvenile Need a Criminal Lawyer?

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Many people incorrectly assume that lawyers only represent adults but their practice extends to offer legal representation for juveniles who’ve been charged with crimes as well. But, a juvenile doesn’t always need an attorney to represent them in court, even if they’ve been charged with a crime. There are many instances when a lawyer is needed to represent a juvenile in court for a criminal charge. Some of those occasions include:

Felony Charges

When a juvenile is facing a felony charge, it could result in him or her being committed to a youth facility for an indefinite period of time. A lawyer is there to help minimize the charges and ensure that the juvenile has a voice in the matter. If you think that it is scary to go to court imagine how a teenager (or younger) feels!

Truancy Cases

If your child is charged with truancy from school, it is a good idea to speak to one of the fairfax lawyers concerning the case ahead of the trial. Although it may not seem like a big deal, missing school is a cause for concern that could land you and the child in a lot of hot water.

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Charged as an Adult

A variety of cases can result in the juvenile being charged as an adult. This means they can go to jail or prison if convicted of the charge. Any time a juvenile charge is transferred to adult court, hire an attorney to represent their case.

A juvenile can face serious consequences for his actions in the legal system and may need an attorney to help him at this time. The occasions above are a few of the many that warrant the need for a criminal attorney for a juvenile.