Facts About Bail Bonds That You Should Know

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If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you’ll be given a bond amount that can be paid to get out of jail to await your outdated. Most people use a bondsman arapahoe county colorado to help them post this bond. If you’ve never before used the services that a bondsman offers, there are likely many questions on the top of your mind. Use the facts below to get some of the answers that you want and need.

All Crimes

A bondsman can post a bond regardless of the type of crime you’ve been charged with committing. They’ll post bonds for misdemeanor and felony charges. However, if you’ve skipped bail before and have several FTAs on your record, finding a bondsman willing to post the bond may be difficult.

Property Bonds Available

Many bondsmen offer property bonds for those who need a bond but don’t have all of the money upfront. Property accepted for bond is usually anything of value, whether it is jewelry, land, a home, electronics, etc.

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No Collateral Needed

If you opt to pay the bond in cash, no collateral is needed to sign the bond, whether it is for yourself, a loved one, or a friend. The bondsman posts the bond amount once the fee is paid. The inmate will go through the booking process and is then released.

Payment Plans

Another option to make bond when the money is not available upfront is payment plans. Many bondsmen offer payment plans to qualified individuals. It eases some of the burden of posting a bond.

Any Time of the Day or Night

Bondsmen are available to post bonds 24/7/365. This includes nights, weekends, and even holidays, too. Arrests happen all the time. As such, the bondsman is there whenever you may possibly need a bail to get you out of jail.